Wikis and Wikipedia

Why wiki it? I have been pondering this question for the last week. 

In my previous college life I obtained degrees in business management and business administration. Every class there was at least one major group presentation. They were horrible! There was always the member who never was in class or attended the group meetings… they was the silent person who never added a damn thing… there was me the annoying bossy girl stressing out because no one was doing anything. We never used a wiki but now I think about the possibilities that the wiki could have provided to us and well to me the anal overachiever.

  • Don’t need to meet face to face.
  • Can easily see a member’s contribution (if they contribute!)
  • The professor/boss can see who is and isn’t participating. Don’t you hate the awkward questions about participation? No one likes a tattle tale!
  • We could have used threadmode to jot down ideas we had and bam the rest of us could easily add to that idea.
  • We could have edited other’s work and asked questions and furthered the development process by lightyears.

But of course there would have been trouble as well.

  • For sure some idiot would mess up my brilliant ideas. But we would have figured it out and thank goodness I could go back to an earlier version :).
  • At times it could be unclear who contributed what exactly. So someone may not get the credit they so desire. Okay fine it would be me…
  • Someone could delete the Wiki.

Well luckily for me I now go to school for creative and professional writing and rarely have to do group work. Seriously these kids have no idea how good they have it. Suck it business students. (my grammer is inappropritate and since this is my blog I can act this way but wouldn’t on a wiki, I swear.)

Each wiki is different and since they have to do with topics they are stuck being topic driven. But since each wiki is different each one can have their own set of norms and should therefore have a style guide.

Levinson on Wikipedia

Seriously when I was going to school as mentioned above Wikipedia was like the plague when it came to works cited. Fast forward only a few years (I’m not that old!) and Wikipedia is the shit. 10 sources? No problem 10 seperate wikipedia pages, check.

I had a thought today and maybe it isn’t worth sharing but, especially with this chapter I thought “Levinson writes this book like he is proposing a thesis for a graduate or doctoral dissertation.” Any thoughts anyone?

Pickles and Pericles

This is why my professor’s said that Wikipedia wasn’t a reliable source in 2006.

Inclusionist and Exclusionists

Its interesting and not surprising but its such a grey area to me.  I mean it is supposed to be an encyclopedia so the knowlede should have staying power but who is really to say whether or not something does. Look at all the amazing artists who were shunned during their lifetimes.

Neutrality of Editors

Neutrality. Does it truy exist anywhere?

Identity Problems

This is simply a problem with new new media

All Wikipedians are Equal, But Some are More Equal than Others

Conflict of interest is a problem in many jobs maybe the supreme court needs to decide.


I like this part of Wikipedia and wikis in general, I think it makes people think twice before posting something. Oversharing is a problem with new new media.

Wikipedia vs. Britannica   

This girl’s opinion is to use both.

Old vs. New New Media in Reporting the Death of Tim Russert.

Really this is the fucking example you use? I don’t know just seems tacky. But I shouldn’t be surprised, I don’t Levinson has much shame.

Wikipedia Wrongly Reports the Deaths…

Who turns to Wikipedia for news? And how can you tell the difference between wrongly reporting and intentionally lying?

Encyclopedia or Newspaper?


Does Wikipedia make Libraries Unnecessary?

What a horrible question. And scary in my opinion.

The UK vs. Wikipedia

Its that coutry’s choice.





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